Our Policy

Internet user privacy and confidentiality come as top priority for our website. For a proper protection and understanding of your privacy we present here a detailed statement regarding our practices and the options available to you concerning the manner in which you can have your information collected and used.

Information Collection and Use

The site assumes the pledge and responsibility of not selling, sharing, or renting the information it has gathered to third parties in any ways not in conformity with what is mentioned in this statement. The only personally identifiable information (PII) GoForSharing collects are those that the visitors provide of their own accord.There are pages that allow visitors to ask for additional information. At any time they can send us e-mails containing the user's name and e-mail address, as well as any additional information the user may wish to include in the message. Our site only uses the information you provide about yourselves with the purpose of carrying out whatever you might have requested.

Information Collected During Purchase

If you place an order online through our site, a third-party e-commerce service provided by RegNOW is used in the process. You are invited to read their privacy policies at RegNOW privacy statement. GoForSharing does not hold credit card information when you register for product purchase; any purchaser information we may keep is meant to help us send in return information about free upgrades, lifetime license or special rebates. This information will not be sold, shared, or rent to third parties.

Log Files

GoForSharing does use IP addresses and domain names, but solely to monitor trends and ensure a better administration of the site. Know that IP addresses and domain names are not linked to personally identifiable information (PII).


GoForSharing may include links to other sites. We do not guarantee, however, the safety of your information when visiting those sites and advise you to always inform yourselves with respect to the privacy policies of any sites you may visit.


Considering the speed at which Internet always progress and develops (sometimes bring along new malicious practices) and admitting there is no such thing as a perfect security system, GoForSharing cannot promise that the information you provide will never be obtained illegally by other persons. Yet, at all times your personally identifiable information is protected through industry-standard practices including firewalls and security layers to protect certain sensitive transmissions of information. In order to access some information you will be required a user ID and password at times. However, although such information will be kept confidential from third parties, preserving the privacy and security of your password falls under your responsibility as well.

Notification of Changes

We reserve the right to make changes to our current privacy policy any time we see fit. Any such changes will be made public on our homepage to make sure our users are always kept fully aware of what information is being collected from them and with what purpose.
In case we decide we need to use personally identifiable information (PII) collected from you in a way that does not correspond to what our statement stipulates, you will be notified via email and unless you give us permission to use your personal information as stated by our updated privacy policy, we will not do so.

Thank you for taking the time to read this statement!